Convert PDF Documents to DXF via Command Line

You may convert PDF documents to DXF via command line with Total PDF to DXF Converter. It's a good way to convert files from within other programs not evoking the user interface.

Usage: PDFtoDXFConverter.exe <source> <destination> <options>

If you have path with spaces, use quotation marks.
Use macros in the Destination path:
Example: destination C:\<DATE>_<TIME:hhmm> produce file C:\20090731_1337


Total PDF to DXF Converter Command Line Example

PDFtoDXFConverter.exe <C:\Profiles\> <C:\Plans\> -log -kfs -errdir C:\BadFiles\
This means that you want to take the PDF files from the folder Profiles on disc C and convert them to DXF keeping forder structure. The resulting DXF files shold be placed into folder Plans on disc C. The invalid PDF files that could not be processed should e placed into folder BadFiles on dic C. The program will also write errors into the log file.