Convert CAD Files To One TIFF

CAD files are the ones every designer has to deal with every day. Sometimes you have a folder with several CAD files and want to send it to the customer. The customer may not have a CAD viewer installed so you convert the files into images like TIFF. Total CAD Converter offers a great feature - convert several CAD files into just one TIFF file. You customer will not miss any file.

How To Convert CAD to TIFF - Tutorial

Download and install Total CAD Converter. Select the files that you want to convert (tick them one by one or press CheckAll button below). The press TIFF button in the formats panel. After tah you will see the wizard of the program. It helps you make all the settings of your conversion.

The first step of the wizard is about destination.


Check the Combine Images Into One Document option. Then select the name of the resulting TIFF file. You may type it in manually.

After that go to other settings and finally press Start button. The conversion of CAD files to TIFF may take some time depending on the source files' size. Anyway the progress bar will show you the current status. When the conversion is over find the TIFF file in the destination folder.
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