How to Fill Out Form I-821

What is Fillable Form I-821?

Fillable Form I-821, also known as the application for temporary protected status that was released in July, 2019. You can find the form online. Before filling it out, it is recommended to check the instructions for application for temporary protected status (TPS).

What I need a Fillable Form I-821 for?

You can use the Fillable Form I-821 if:

The Department of Homeland Security allowed citizens of your country to apply for the Temporary Protected Status.

You want to re-register for Temporary Protected Status.

You arrive on US territory soon. In that case, the Department of Homeland Security will need more information about you.

How to fill out a Fillable Form I-821?

In order to fill out Form I-821 properly, you need to read instructions to it. After that, you will have to look through the list of questions and select the most suitable ones. Do not forget to add your name. Your other names and nicknames you have used since birth are required. Specify the US Mailing Address and US Physical Address. Mention the date of birth. Your marital information and biographic information are also required. Specify your eye color, hair color, height.

The information about your current spouse, former spouses, and children is required. Eligibility standards, criminal history (if any), should be mentioned. You can also add extra information about yourself if needed.

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