How to Fill Out DSW Application

What is a Fillable DSW Application?

Fillable DSW Application is an application form that will help you to submit your candidature for the job in Designer Shoe Warehouse. Since this application is not a business document, you can simply print and fill it out anytime you can without acknowledging it by the notary public.

What I need a Fillable DSW Application for?

You will need to use a Fillable DSW Application if:

  • You want to apply for the DSW job.
  • You want to get the answer faster.

Since the application has all the questions that will help DSW to get all the required information about you, it will definitely save both yours and employer’s time. 

How to fill out Fillable DSW Application?

You can open the pdf version of Fillable DSW Application and start filling it out the next way:

First of all, you will have to fill out the “Availability” section. There you can include information about your desired schedule and salary, position you are applying for, available start days. You will also have to put the information about days and hours you will be available for the job.

The “Personal information” section should consist of your name, present address, previous address, city, state, and zip code. Do not forget to include your phone number and email address.

The next section is “Employment History”. There you should mention your previous positions, reasons for leaving, etc. You can also decide whether the DSW can contact your present employer or not.

The information about your education is also important. Write down the name and the location of the school you studied in. 

Criminal conviction information should be listed in the required field. References and the contacts of a person to contact in case of emergency are required.

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