1040-NR vs 1040X: Detailed Guide on Forms

Both forms are also known as amended individual tax returns that you must file in case there were mistakes in the tax forms you’ve sent previously to the IRS. The reasons to file the forms may be different, from forgetting to include the income, missing a number, to credits you did not take. It is highly important to know the difference between 1040NR vs 1040X, as well as its purpose.

What is 1040-NR vs 1040X?

These two forms are filed when you find the mistake in your tax return. Mistakes can be made by anyone, so don’t worry, you just need to file a specific form with an update on the numbers. You don’t have to complete a tax return form from the very beginning. Use forms 1040X or 1040NR.

The 1040NR Form

1040NR form stands for nonresident alien income tax return. This form must be applied by everyone who is not a US citizen, but was engaged in the local business. This form can be applied by a representative of the deceased person who had to file this document. If you are a representative of a trust or estate that has to apply the 1040NR form, you can also do this. One of the main problems that appear with tax return files of alien residents, the amount of money that was taken from their paychecks is bigger than the amount of money that must be stated at the end of the year. The fail in filing the form means that they can lose the refund.

The 1040X Form

This form is for amended individual income tax returns. It may be filed with 1040NR form, as well as with 1040A, 1040, 1040EZ, and 1040 NR EZ. This form helps to correct mistakes after the deadline without the need to file a tax return from the beginning. You may quickly change the amounts adjusted by the IRS and even claim for the carryback because of unused credit.

Form 1040-NR vs 1040X Instructions

Fillable 1040 NR Form

The difference between 1040 vs 1040NR vs 1040X is vital when you file for amendment. The 1040 form is a standard document that all taxpayers must annually send to the IRS about their income. The 1040 NR form is a similar form to 1040, but must be filed by non-residents of the US. And 1040 X form may be filed with one of these forms, depending on your status, after you notice the mistakes in a tax return. You can file both 1040X and 1040NR forms online.

To file the 1040X form, you need:

  • The copy of the original tax return that you need to correct;
  • Numbers of your social security;
  • Filing status;
  • Documents that may justify the changes you make: checks from payments, information on additional income;
  • Gross income numbers.

For the 1040NR form, you need:

  • Your personal information, including name, city of current residence, name of the country you come from;
  • Filing status;
  • Your dependents, if you have them;
  • Complete data on the income that is connected with the US business;
  • Gross income;
  • Tax and credits;
  • Any other taxes you have;
  • Payments you receive and any refunds;
  • If you’ve made gifts to the charities in the US, you also have to indicate them.


Fillable 1040 X Form

Here are the most popular questions and answers about these forms. You may find this information helpful. Get acquainted with it before you start filing any of these two forms.

1040-NR vs 1040X: which form do I need and when?

You don’t need to file both forms at the same time unless you made a mistake in your 1040NR form and want to fix it. This is when you have to file the 1040X form. The 1040X form corrects the 1040 NR form. If you are a non-resident of the US, and you want to add the information or fix something on the 1040NR tax return, you have to file 1040X additionally. And if you are a US citizen, you can file 1040X with any other tax return documents, including 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ.

1040 vs 1040-NR vs 1040X: is there a difference?

There is a big difference between these forms. 1040 is the most popular form among them, filed annually by all US citizens. 1040NR is filed annually by non-American citizens who have a business in the US. And 1040X can be attached to both of these forms, in case you need to correct them.

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