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How To Convert PDF To DXF

This is a step-by-step tutorial describing how to convert PDF files to DXF format.

First, download and install Total PDF to DXF Converter. It is a simple and reliable application suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Launch the program. The main interface displays the file tree and the list of files in the selected folder. All you have to do is to tick the PDF file that you want to convert and press Convert to DXF button. If you have a lot of PDF files in the folder and want to convert all of them use Check All option. It will save your time and tick all the files at once. Note that Total PDF to DXF Converter may convert several folders with PDF files as well. The same way you select PDF files you select PDF folders.

PDF to DXF converter

Then you see a small window of the Wizard. It asks you to set the destination folder (the place to put the resulting DXF files to). By default, Total PDF to DXF Converter will place the converted DXF files to the same folder. But you may type a new path or select a folder from the file tree.

PDF to DXF dest

Note that if you convert a multi-page PDF files to DXF the program will place every PDF page to a separate DXF file. Every new DXF file will be named by this template: [Name]Page#.dxf

Example: I convert a 3-page Profile.pdf file to dxf. I get 3 dxf file:

  • ProfilePage1.dxf
  • ProfilePage2.dxf
  • ProfilePage3.dxf

After all the settings are done press Start! button. You may also want to delete original PDF files after conversion. But think twice before you check this option. Deleted files can not be restored. If you check Open Destination Folder After Converting, the resulting files will be shown to you right after the conversion.

PDF to DXF final

As you see Total PDF to DXF Converter is easy-to-use. The results are always accurate. Get your copy now to convert PDF files to DXF.